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State of the Art: Agile & Mobile Working - Executive Summary

This is the Executive Summary of a report commissioned from TWICT by the North East Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership.

Councils to save millions by putting job vacancies online

Notes to Editors: ยท The North East Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (NEIEP) is one of 9 Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships in England.

job vacancy data sharing standards - subset of HR-XML

In 2006, TWICT was part of the JoinedupJobs project, funded by the North East Centre of Excellence, which went on to become the Improvement and Efficiency Partnership.

from the September TWICT Partnership Board meeting

Matters discussed included: an update on the study into sharing data centre capacity interactive digital TV community video news and events on TV, mobiles and low cost screens in the community the North East Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership's 21st Century Services workstream Regional broadband take-up data Representation at Partnership Board and Sub Group Meetings Web filtering and social networking technologies Government Connect

From the July TWICT meeting...

Matters discussed included: sharing data centre capacity workforce planning strategy development Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership print rationalisation broadband take-up in the region web content filtering and web 2.0 web2.0 and community empowerment eDemocracy South Tyneside's announced preferred strategic partner

Tyne & Wear ICT Partnership Meeting 8th January 2009

On the agenda: lone worker health & safety (through phone tracking) - ICT volunteering - wireless - North East Regional Improvement & Efficiency Partnership -

Chair's review 2010 - 2011

Roy thanked colleagues for their continued enthusiasm and support, in particular colleagues from our Associate Partner ONE North East which along with the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership ceases in March 2011.