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Chair's review 2007-2008

Chair's review 2007-2008

Wi-Fi access in north east public sector buildings

Provided as a guide for colleagues visiting from other organisations.

State of the Art: Agile & Mobile Working - Executive Summary

This is the Executive Summary of a report commissioned from TWICT by the North East Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership.

SHiNE Awards Submission (2007)

A replicable model for successful joint working

Joined up Jobs (2006-2006)

Joined up Jobs (2006-2006)

Community Maps: Digital and Social Geographies of Great Britain

A potentially useful resource from CLG…. Placing data on a map in a clear visual format simplifies decision-making about a local place.

Web 2.0 Presentation

At its meeting on 13th December, the Tyne and Wear ICT Partnership discussed the concepts, strengths, opportunities and threats posed by Web2.0 technologies (such as Facebook, Meebo, Zoho and...

Chair's review 2010 - 2011

Roy Sheehan reported that 2010/2011 had seen the start of some of the greatest change that ICT sections will have experienced in the past 20 years.

Conference Notification: IT in the Community: The Importance of t he Use of Digital Technology and Innovation to Promote Soci...

Please find attached details of a conference being organised by colleagues in Sunderland.

Stakeholder Briefing (2007)

Stakeholder Briefing (2007)