job vacancy data sharing standards - subset of HR-XML

In 2006, TWICT was part of the JoinedupJobs project, funded by the North East Centre of Excellence, which went on to become the Improvement and Efficiency Partnership.

One aspect of that project was to identify a suitable data schema for sharing job vacancy information between different agencies.  Given the current discussions about publishing public sector job data for reuse by third parties, the outputs from the project may be relevant.

Project Deliverable D4 sets out a Joined Up Jobs XML schema for structuring vacancy information in a data format to facilitate content storing, sharing and re-purposing for digital channels.

"The Joined Up Jobs Schema has adopted the HR-XML schema, which is an international recommended standard for data-systems relating to human resource processes in their widest possible form covering everything from appointment to payroll and pensions. HR-XML is cited in the UK Government Interoperability Framework for public sector information sharing, eGif.

We have extracted the relevant vacancy information [fields] from this schema and used it as the basis for developing an easy-to-use Joined Up Jobs XML schema that can be implemented by councils who wish to share and exchange data.

Long term,  the governance of the Joined Up Jobs Vacancy Schema should be picked up by the HR-XML consortium and Joined up Jobs be recognised as best practice and made mandatory by local government on a national basis through its inclusion in eGif. Existing Policies, procedures and guidelines could then incorporate the schema roll-out and development."

Contact (Address removed) if you're interested in more detail.  More on JoinedupJobs at

Following on from JoinedupJobs, the Improvement and Efficiency Partnership established NorthEastJobs and its Recruitment and Retention programme


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