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Chair's review 2008-2009

Chair's review 2008-2009

Web 2.0 Presentation (2007)

Web 2.0 Presentation (2007)

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Dynamo North East North East IT industry cluster

Chair’s Review of 2008/2009

. · 2008/2009 was a year of further change, the most significant of which was that South Tyneside Council entered into a strategic partnership with BT for services including ICT, which saw Gordon Ditchburn replace Paul Moore as TWICT representative.

Web 2.0 gurus to talk at Think and a Drink - register now!

Paul is the chief web services architect at BT and has over 20 years experience ‘hacking about with communications software’.

Wi-Fi access in north east public sector buildings

Provided as a guide for colleagues visiting from other organisations.