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Chair's review 2008-2009

Chair's review 2008-2009

New Chair for TWICT

Paul Featherstone of Newcastle City Council isVice Chair.Other Partner representatives are Roy Sheehan (Gateshead), Barry Jackson (North Tyneside) and Gordon Ditchburn (South Tyneside).

Chair’s Review of 2008/2009

. · 2008/2009 was a year of further change, the most significant of which was that South Tyneside Council entered into a strategic partnership with BT for services including ICT, which saw Gordon Ditchburn replace Paul Moore as TWICT representative.

Annual General Meeting 2010

Partners representation was confirmed as: Gateshead - Roy Sheehan (Chair) Newcastle - Paul Featherstone North Tyneside - Barry Jackson (Vice Chair) South Tyneside - Gordon Ditchburn Sunderland - Tom Baker In addition to approving financial projections, budget, asset and risk registers, lead authority and support arrangements, financial regulations and standing orders, Partners considered the coming year's work programme.