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Chair's Review of 2012-13

Phil Jackman's Chair's Review from the the 2013 AGM.

New Chair

@PhilJackman is taking over the role of Partnership Chair, with Diane Downey as Vice Chair due to Tom Baker taking up a new role outside the area in December.

Chair's review 2011-2012

Chair’s Review of 2011-2012 (from the AGM) Tom Baker recalled that in his first year as Chair Partners had seen

New Chair for TWICT

At last week's AGM, Tom Baker, Head of IT at Sunderland City Council becameChair of TWICT, taking over from Roy Sheehan who had led the Partnership since 2007.

Chair's review 2009-2010

Roy Sheehan reported that 2009/2010 has been another year of significant change. A renewed five year financial agreement was secured along with a wholesale revision of the...

Annual General Meeting

The Partnership's Annual General Meeting was held last week in Sunderland. From April 1st the Partnership will be formally known as the North Eastern ICT Partnership as Durham and Northumberland...

Annual General Meeting 2010

The Partners of the Tyne and Wear ICT Partnership met yesterday (11th March) for its first AGM under its renewed Partnership Agreement.

Chair's review 2010 - 2011

Roy Sheehan reported that 2010/2011 had seen the start of some of the greatest change that ICT sections will have experienced in the past 20 years.