North East public and third sector data safeguarding conference 11th June, Sunderland

  • Services are being put to contract, floated off as mutuals or arm’s length companies; schools have become academies; the amount of data that flows between organisations is increasing.  
  • How can we know what data is held, flowing etc. and who is legally responsible for it?
  • How can we be sure that we’re undertaking due diligence in setting up our data processing agreements? 
  • Have we got audit arrangements in place for the organisations processing YOUR data?
  • What do I need to do about the changes in data protection being brought in by European legislation?
  • Have you thought about your online and electronic assets, who might like to get their hands on them and why?
  • How easy is it for online ‘rebels with a cause’ to impact your business processes?
  • What new risks are connecting everything to the internet and our smart city plans creating? 
  • What practical steps can you take to protect your organisation’s reputation, your online services, customer data and to protect your customers from phishing attacks?
‘Enabling Safe Business ‘15’ is a north east public sector event hosted by the North Eastern ICT Partnership at Sunderland Software Centre on 11th June that aims to address these questions.  Invited speakers include GCHQ, National Archives, Graham Cluley, HMRC, Christopher Laing, Sapphire, ICO, PSNA, Cabinet Office, LGA, North East Fraud Forum, and Dynamo North East
The event should be of interest to Audit managers, Customer Service managers, Heads of IT, Information asset owners from children’s and adult services, School business managers, Information assurance officers, Information governance officers, IT security officers, PSN compliance leads, SIROs, Transformation officers and Website managers.
There is no delegate fee.
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