Chair's review 2014/15

I have now been Chair of the Partnership for over two years. During this time I feel that the partnership is moving forward well.  Engagement is good and there is a balance between the technical issues that we are all facing and a greater regional involvement.


This year we have faced a lot of the same challenges which have occupied most of our time. Austerity continues to be the background against which we are all working.  The situation is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.

I believe that the NEICT has a role to play in developing and supporting ICT across the region and that we have the will and determination within the group to make a difference.  We continued to extend our local networks, holding discussions with other public sector organisations in the NELEP area about ICT Security, PSN and greater collaboration between organisations and with the wider digital community through SOCITM NE.  We are playing a significant role in Dynamo, an organisation that is focussed on growing our industry in the north east.  

Eight Partnership meetings were held, plus an AGM. Meetings were held at a number of Partners’ offices and one at Culture Lab at Newcastle University. 

Resources to support the Partnership remain secure – a financial plan remains in place securing the Partnership Analyst as a full time resource.  A healthy project fund remains available to support new collaborative initiatives.

I would like to thank Graham Jordan, our Partnership Analyst, without whose support we would struggle, my colleagues for their continued enthusiasm and support. 

I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of colleagues in our Lead Authority (Sunderland City Council and very recently - since funds were transferred in February - Durham County Council) ICT and Finance departments for helping with the smooth running of the Partnership and Chris Foreman of Sunderland ICT for supporting our website.

Phil Jackman

March 2015

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