How might online technologies influence how we travel in the future?



Where do you think you’re going?


Newcastle upon Tyne 25th June 2009


Newcastle University and Imperial College would like to invite you to participate in a different sort of Workshop to help shape future research into sustainable intelligent transport. 


It will be sparky; it will be challenging; it will think the unthinkable – and it will be FREE with refreshments provided. 

You’ll not want to miss it, will you?


•        Will the internet and technology influence how we travel?    Whether we travel at all?

•        Can technology help mobility?

•        How useful is “user-generated content”?

•        How far can mobile internet and Web2.0 get you? – literally

•        Where is transport research going?

•        Did Beethoven have a food processor?


Come and listen to new thoughts on old problems; share with us what you think matters; show us what you’re up to; join in when people ask the questions they’ve always wanted to pose on transport and the internet; suggest the areas you think need investigation.


Proceedings will be live blogged and tweeted from the event; together with remote contributions these will be forwarded to EPSRC as the outcome of the workshop and the SIMM final report.


11am – 6pm 25th June 2009 Newcastle upon Tyne  – venue and timings tbc.


If you’d like details about attending, exhibiting, making a short presentation or demonstrating a product or technology, or following the workshop online please visit or contact Hannah Bryan (Address removed) at Newcastle University (0191 222 6420).