2009/2010 Work Programme

The following work programme was agreed at the March meeting


New Projects

Digital Inclusion

·      Assist Digital Challenge with Programme Level ‘How To’ and ‘Lessons Learned’

·      Develop a transferable ‘starter kit’ / ‘Digital Inclusion Strategy Template‘

·      Pilot the Starter Kit

·      Develop a network of digital inclusion lead officers identified by each council

·      Assist with further Community Barcamps

·      Continue to be the conduit for Tyne and Wear Point Topic take up data


ICT Professionalism

·      Facilitate SFIA training at SOCITM NE level and supporting agenda in Tyne and Wear

·      Possible new sub-group (of implementation leads)


Green IT

·      Facilitate discussions between councils

·      Possible new sub-group


Ad hoc SOCITM NE support

·      e.g. Salary Survey, SFIA training

Carried over from Last Year

Publish locations and instructions for Touchdown Points

·      Also Public Access PCs and hotdesk facilities


Share Data Centre Capacity

·      Follow on from this years work, subject to agreeing the way forward and obtaining project management resources.

Business as Usual

Work more closely with colleges and universities


Develop a ‘who does what’ training matrix 


Participate in Codeworks and regional networks


Monitor European opportunities


Monitor developments with volunteering




Report summary and analysis


GovX online forums


Revise Website

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