news from April TWICT meeting

This was TWICT's 'AGM'.  The following key decisions were made:

  • It was agreed that the following initiatives be taken forward as the first draft work programme for 08/09:
  1. Developing the ability to use eachothers touchdown points for agile working, required network links, authentication etc
  2. Sharing of our Data Centre Capacity (following the consultancy study)
  3. Working more closely with colleges and universities – cataloguing current links, developing joint research, staff development, ‘futures’, placements
  4. Working with Lifelong Learning to maximise the potential of our IT training capacity
  5. Obtaining and making available broadband and ‘e’ take-up data
  6. WEE Disposal – investigating joint working between IT depts and with colleagues in waste management and strategies for public WEE
  7. Cataloguing the current situation regarding organisation of digital inclusion within north east councils – ie who holds the brief – libraries? IT? economic development? none of the above?
  8. Identifying / procuring a shared resource for DR/BC expertise (perhaps as a framework contract)
  9. Making the most of EU funding opportunities and knowledge available through participation in Eurocities Knowledge Society forum
  10. Sharing white lists for Web content Filtering
  11. Workforce planning - Investigation of Leeds ‘job roles’ work, harmonising recruitment requirements, benchmark post JE/single status roles

Each of these would be investigated further and scoping / timescale / resource implications considered at future meetings, and how these might fit in the REIP.

  • It was noted that their was growing interest in the ‘looking local’ interactive TV and mobile phone service and it was agreed to continue support for the service.
  • It was decided that as the four years period funded through the TWICT project had come to an end, TWICT should cease its involvement with kiosks, directing further communication to NEPO and Kiosk lead officers in each district.
  • The meeting scheduled for May 8th 2008 was cancelled. Next meeting is 12th June 2008 at Gateshead Civic Centre.