Your Chance to Address the Region's Top ICT Managers - There's still time to propose a pitch....please forward

If you had 15 minutes to address top public service IT bosses in the North East what would you say?
We've already received a couple of proposals but there's still time for you to propose a pitch…...

  • What would your message be?

  • Can you help them solve their day to day issues?

They’re the questions the Society of IT management (SOCITM) would like you to have a think about.

Please pass this amongst your network of contacts and colleagues

SOCITM’s North East branch is meeting on 16th December at Ramside Hall Hotel near Durham to discuss latest trends in technologies and policies and has identified 3 x 15 minute slots for speakers from the Region to showcase the best of local developments that might help deliver public services for the future. 

SOCITM North East has around 50 members representing around 30 organisations (councils, housing providers, national government agencies, academia, health and emergency services and their suppliers) that between them employ upto 2,000 ICT professionals and influence a significant amount of ICT spending.  Geographically, SOCITM North East covers Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and the Tees Valley.

As well as more than 20 key IT decision makers, other speakers, Glyn Evans the Society’s national President and the meeting sponsors Dell will be present to hear what you have to say. 

Hot Topics the members have identified include:

  • ‘bring your own device to work’
  • business continuity
  • business process modelling
  • channel management
  • cloud computing
  • co-delivery of services
  • co-location of services
  • commissioning
  • compliance management
  • enterprise architecture
  • ICT professionalism
  • information management
  • information Security
  • ITIL
  • mobile devices
  • network management
  • open source
  • open standards
  • operations management
  • performance management
  • performance management frameworks
  • portfolio, programme and project management
  • regional wireless networks
  • remote access solutions
  • security solutions
  • software as a service
  • solutions development and integration
  • web content management

If you’re interested, please drop a couple of paragraphs outlining what you’d say and why you feel this is relevant to senior IT managers in delivering public services for the future to:

All submissions received will be reviewed by the Branch Chair and Secretary in consultation with Dell.  The successful speakers will be invited to present at the 16th December meeting, participate in the whole meeting, and join members for a networking lunch.  Please note whilst we are interested in technology advances we are not looking for specific product pitches.  We would particularly welcome submissions from local SMEs, not-for-profit and academic organisations.

Further information about the Society is at

Please pass this amongst your network of contacts and colleagues

Graham Jordan
North East Region Secretary
Society of Information Technology Management (Address removed) 

tel. 0191 433 3790


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