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#PSN The seven councils in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Durham have started a project that will examine if there are benefits of adopting a co-ordinated approach to linking up publicly funded communications networks in the area to support future public service delivery models.

These new delivery models are likely to involve

  • More co-delivery with other agencies
  • More co-location of delivery organisations
  • Shared provision of public services across organisations
  • More agile public service organisations
  • Technology being less of a constraint on business decisions
  • Greater emphasis on business continuity
  • Reduced cost of operations

Between them, the councils support thousands of locations and tens of thousands of information users.  They already share information with other agencies and support co-located services – such as with Schools, DWP, housing providers, other local councils, health, emergency services, and academic institutions.

Central Government departments and agencies the councils work with have been told they have to move to the ‘Public Sector Network’ (PSN - described as a ‘network of networks’ which allows any connected endpoint access to any connected network).  The councils know that they will have to use PSN to reach a number of key service delivery partners and need to work to meet the information security standards needed to connect to PSN.

The project will

  • Talk with local public service providers and identify local publicly funded networks
  • Examine the need to connect the councils with each other and local public service providers
  • Assess how much work would be required for each council to be able to connect to the Government’s PSN
  • Suggest what ‘joined up’ could look like, and assess potential operational benefits and financial savings
  • Consider if one of the councils could provide a connection to PSN on behalf of the others, rather than each connecting separately

The councils will use the findings of the project to inform decisions about future service delivery models.

Please pass to colleagues that may be interested.
Thank you.

For more information please contact

Graham Jordan
Partnership Analyst, Tyne and Wear ICT Partnership
(Address removed)
0191 433 3790


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